Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Night Before the Night Before...

I am sitting in a hotel room in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where I have spent a weekend of soccer with one of my boys.  I will be leaving him with one of the other families and begin my ten hour trek to Cleveland, Ohio, tomorrow morning.  The car is all packed- computer, printer, food, clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, and Green Bay Packer blankie...all I need to do is throw in my small bag of stuff from the hotel here and head off at 7am.  I should be reading over the essay we will be discussing on Monday in my first day of training.  Instead, I am staring at this screen wondering what to write as I prepare to embark on my five week adventure in to the world of adolescence- or at least the world Maria Montessori envisioned for the adolescent.  I have little to no idea of what my time in Cleveland will be like.  I imagine something like my elementary Montessori training mixed with summer camp.  I hope to come away with a beautiful plan for my own group of adolescents waiting for me in Chaska.  
But first, I have to get to my husband's stick-shift Corolla...with no cruise control...

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  1. Beth! Hey, I didn't know you were taking a 5 week vacation from kids this summer! Congrats! I can't wait to hear about the training. Enjoy!